The Orchard Challenge

Orchard Antics: Fun, Fast-Paced, and Exciting Team Building Events
Bond and Challenge Your Team with Orchard Antics
Looking for a thrilling and exciting way to bond and challenge your team? Look no further than The Orchard Challenge where we bring together our best and most popular team activities. Select seven activities for a half day full of pace, excitement and plain good old fun. Perfect for team building, staff days out and any good reason to bring people together. Get ready to be thrilled!

No. of Participants

15 to Unlimited

Time Frame

2 Hours

Put Your Strength and Skills to the Test

This programme presents a selection of fun based team events!

Choose seven of these events to create your own two hour dream programme.

Ignite your teams potential with these amazing team challenges.

the 'Stilt' Walkers

Each team, using a set of wooden stilts, makes its way from point A to point B, gathering instructional notes as they travel. They rely on good problem solving skills a sense of fun and physical strength to make this journey a fast and smooth one. Competition between teams makes this a challenging event.

Space Hopper Challenge

Yes bounce along on our big Red Space Hoppers!

Guaranteed lots of laughs for all the team … hop yourself to the finish but careful not to fall over!

Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

Map your route to success by solving this puzzle. Test your groups’ skills of teamwork as you try to piece together the different elements of this giant jigsaw. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Giant Sack Race

Get you team members into the giant sack and using the best of your team coordination to hop your way to the finishing line. It brings a whole new experience to the traditional sack race!

Penalty Shootout

Sports people take their football very seriously and the word on the streets is that your team has some great scoring skills.

Pedro the goalkeeper has thrown down the gauntlet to each and every member of your team. In this crazy penalty shootout notch up your winning goals!

Bale Pushing

Let the games begin! The ultimate relay race as team members pair off to push this large round bale of straw through a set of obstacles before handing the ‘baton’ (bale) to their colleagues.

Wheelbarrow Race​

A Ferrari in disguise this vehicle can perform at the very highest level as it negotiates a series of obstacles. Only a real ‘team’ effort between the passenger and driver will give real results. With lots of surprises thrown in this must be the most popular element in this programme.


Moving on from the pace of the other programme elements this activity is all about concentration and staying focused. Using the correct technique of tossing the horse shoe will also deliver real results for your team.

Poc Fada

The ancient game of Hurling has been played in Ireland for over two thousand years and is now part of the cultural and sporting identity of the Irish people. Following a short introduction to the history and heritage of the game, participants will have the opportunity to test their own Hurling Skills.

Tug O'War

This true test of team strength gets the team not just motivated but develops that great sense of team effort and bonding.

Turf Stacking

The Wicklow Hills are famous not just for their natural beauty but also for their abundance of peat, or locally known as turf. Has your team got the skills to set a new record, currently held by our Belgian group at 2.2mtrs, in this challenging event? Not as easy as it looks using Turf!


The team’s task is to use a section of pipe provided to each team member to move a number of balls from the starting position to a container at the end. The pipes provided are different in length and width and the team has to co-ordinate its actions to move as many balls as possible in the time allocated. This event has great pace to it and really develops the team spirit in an energising environment.

Human Pin ball

The team is provided with a giant board and a ball. They need to communicate clearly and work together to navigate the ball through wooden panels into the centre point of the board. Team co-ordination is essential on this one.

Pyramid Challenge

The pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians were masters of the art of pyramid building.

This program forces the team to draw on all resources to solve the Egyptian master’s task of moving the Pyramid. While the task seems simple at first it soon becomes apparent that everything is not as simple as it seems.

Problem solving and decision making are the main obstacles to the team achieving success. The team need to focus on issues such as sharing of information, forward planning, and implementing an agreed plan.

Giant Dinosaur Egg

Your team finds itself in the middle of a crisis. A Dinosaur Egg has rolled from its nest and needs to be replaced before the mother returns.

Using limited resources your team must find a solution to returning the Dinosaur Egg back to its nest.


This very old but very popular game is still enjoyed by many today. The ten wooden pins are positioned approximately ten metres from where the competitors toss the wooden bowl.

Players must bowl in an underarm action standing behind the bowling line on each attempt. The aim of the game is to knock down the standing wooden skittles by rolling the ball over them.

It is a real challenge of concentration, speed and marksmanship.

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The Orchard Challenge

Orchard Antics: Fun, Fast-Paced, and Exciting Team Building Events Bond and Challenge Your Team with Orchard Antics Looking for a thrilling and exciting way to

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