The Olympics

A Unique Opportunity to Build Team Spirit
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We are thrilled to offer you a fun filled action programme where you can truly immerse yourself in a range of challenging team activities.
This is your opportunity to challenge your team and push your personal and collective skills to the limit.

As you participate in our fun and exciting challenges, you’ll have the chance to bond with your team and build a cohesive team spirit that will last long after the event is over.

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Min Participants

15 to Unlimited

Time Frame

1.5 - 2 Hours

Get Ready for an Action-Packed Day of Events

Bale Pushing

Let the games begin! The ultimate relay race as team members pair off to push this large round bale of straw through a set of obstacles before handing the ‘baton’ (bale) to their colleagues.

Wheelbarrow Race​

Your very own Ferrari can perform at the highest level as it negotiates a series of obstacles. Only a real ‘team’ effort between the passenger and driver will give real results with your vehicle. With lots of surprises thrown in this must be the most popular element in this programme.


Moving on from the pace of the other programme elements this activity is all about concentration and staying focused. Using the correct technique of tossing the horse shoe will also deliver real results for your team.

Welly Throwing

Ireland’s unique medium of anger management is provided for your team! By placing all that pent up anger and frustration in the welly boot and tossing it away allows the individual to free themselves from these feelings and to be a true architect of change.

Tug O'War

This true test of team strength gets the team not just motivated but develops that great sense of team effort and bonding.

Poc Fada

The ancient game of Hurling has been played in Ireland for over two thousand years and is now part of the cultural and sporting identity of the Irish people. Following a short introduction to the history and heritage of the game, participants will have the opportunity to test their own Hurling Skills.

Turf Stacking

The Wicklow Hills are famous not just for their natural beauty but also for their abundance of peat, or locally known as turf. Has your team got the skills to set a new record, currently held by our Belgian Group at 2.33 metres, in this challenging event? Not as easy as it looks using Turf!

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