Audio Visual Farm Presentation

See firsthand the exciting changes happening in Irish food production
Experience the history and evolution of Irish agriculture

In addition to the visit of the Baileys Farm special interest groups may avail of the opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Irish agriculture and food production through our ‘Ireland – The Food Island’ seminar presentation.

Irish agriculture and food production is anchored in values that protect the essence of family farming while bringing innovation that has seen our food industry develop as a global food leader. Ireland has long been recognised as one of the world’s most efficient and trusted agricultural economies. We’ve taken that experience, learned from it, applied it and are exporting our food products across 140 countries worldwide.

Irish agriculture is synonymous with sustainable, grass fed production systems and the sector plays a key role in the wider rural and local economy.

Join us for an information seminar that explores the rich history of Irish farming, charts the significant industry milestones, and takes us through the huge global market penetration of our food and drinks products.


No. of Participants

5 to Unlimited

Time Frame

30 Minutes

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