Countryside Treasure Hunt

The ultimate team challenge of adventure, leadership and resourcefulness as teams set out to explore the wonderful south Wicklow countryside. This beautiful 135 hectare dairy farm with its natural woodlands, valleys and historic sites provide the ideal backdrop for the Countryside Treasure Hunt.

Each team will be challenged to ‘think outside the box’ and work together on a road of milestones towards a final reward.

Starting at The Orchard Centre grounds, each team is thoroughly briefed on the task. Each team is provided with:

  • A map, which takes them to five different locations on the farm
  • A clue sheet, which will help them identify the location of each clue box
  • A scavenger rucksack to collect the discovered loot

When found, the clue card will require the team to:

  • Answer a number of questions at the location
  • Perform a task at the location
  • Decode one of five cryptic clues, which will help identify the treasure and its exact location

The locations will include, the Old Farm Yard, St. Patrick’s Well (heritage site on the farm), Natural Woodland and a Hill Walk.

This task has proven a great success with groups who want an adventure of discovery in the natural Irish countryside. It demands teamwork and competitiveness and team members must use all their observational and problem solving skills to discover the real GOLD.

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