Jungle Challenge

These combination events of The Dinosaur Egg, Crossing the Rapids, Pyramid Challenge, Giant Jigsaw Puzzle, Circus Act and Links have been created to build and mirror specific team dynamics. The wild and dangerous jungle provides the backdrop for this demanding programme.


This activity challenges you to demonstrate the value of group effort as you attempt to move this large, delicate Dinosaur egg back to its mother's nest. Fear of radiation and other factors add to this daring assignment.


CROSSING THE RAPIDS engages the team in a wild adventure where the group is required to draw on their natural resources and using limited materials, negotiate a dry passage across the raging torrent.


Start by mapping your path through the jungle by solving this puzzle. Test your groups' skills of teamwork as you try to piece together the different elements of this giant jigsaw. It's not as easy as it looks.


The PYRAMID CHALLENGE forces the team to draw on all resources to solve the Egyptian master’s task of moving the Pyramid. The pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians were masters of the art of pyramid building.


The team has been asked to participate in a novelty act at the local circus. This is the team’s opportunity to prove that not only are they a force to be reckoned with but they can be a class act as well. Team members must arrange themselves on a specially commissioned see-saw.


The team's task is to use a section of pipe provided to each team member to move a number of balls from the starting position to a red container at the end. This event has great pace to it and really develops the team spirit in energising environment.

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