Fair Day

The Ultimate Irish Experience

Welcome to an Irish Fair Day in 1938. It is a gathering place for artists and astisans, producer and produce, buyers and sellers, fortune tellers and fortune seekers.The place is buzzing with expectation as everyone converges to deluge the town with a rainbow of colour and excitement, drama and laughter.

The Orchard Centre provides the ultimate Irish Incentive by re-enacting a traditional village Fair Day in the late 1930’s.The essence of a nation and the thing that distinguishes it from other nations is the vibrancy of its culture and traditions. Hearken back to the year 1938 to open a window on what Ireland is all about.

But behind the laughter and the fun is the hard bargaining. Deals are done with sellers and buyers locked in an age-old mind game, each weighing the calibre of the other like gladiators in a Roman arena, as they probe for weaknesses and assess each other’s strength’s. It is the stock exchange in embryo, where the currency is on the hoof or contained within the products of domestic science and artisan shills.

Many observers of Irish life have commented on the fact that with politics the way they are In Ireland, the Irish people don’t need to go to the theater. Sure enough, our politician is in full flight and there’s no telling what way this drama will pan out.

A wealth of talent is displayed in the cottage products, the mainstay of the family and community. Men and women of talent have brought and displayed their wares in a place where they know they will have an appreciative and ready market.The travelling people ply their age-old crafts.

The young men from opposing villages rise and flex their muscles and prepare for the Tug of War. Finally the day ends with tired and happy children, triumphant athletes, sore heads, contented buyers and sellers, satisfied stall holders, lovers who vow to meet soon and friends happy for renewing old friendships.

A new set of shoes for the journey home. Love and romance blossom into a Fair Day wedding. Sir, I fear the road ahead is completely blocked. For some the work must still go on, as the autumn’s harvest is ready for thrashing.

What a memorable day!